All our rooms are provided with TV, air-conditioning, mini-fridge, shower accessories (including Natura Siberica SPA series). There is also free high-speed internet access in every room. Bed Linen, pillows, blanket - everything is made of hypoallergenic material. If you need an extra bed in your room just ask administrator about the details (there is opportunity for some kind of rooms).

  • Area: 4,8 square metres

  • Bed size: 90x210 cm


5100 rub

  • Area: 8,8 square metres

  • Bed size: 160x195 cm

6400 rub

  • Area: from 9 square metres

  • 2 separate beds: 80x195 cm

6200 rub

  • Area: 14,3 square metres

  • Bed size: 160x200 cm

6700 rub

  • Area: 18,6 square metres

  • Bed size: 160x200 cm

  • Coach size: 150x200 cm

6900 rub

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